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How to provide QUALITY Mystery Shopping service?

Mystery Shopping quality – how to measure it? Why is it so important?

After all, based on the results of the tests, future action plans are established – “treatment” is determined.
How to evaluate the quality of a doctor? The level of who prescribes (recommends) the medicine?

The article highlights, among other things, the advice for organizing mystery shopping from a document created on the basis of a thorough analysis by the EBA (European Banking Authority) of the European Union, published on July 21, 2021. You will find mature advice with recommended guidelines for organizing Mystery Shopping in Europe.
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TIME OUT in Your Company! How to use it?

Probably You agree that time out is not just for sitting in the bench and wasting precious time. If the coach decides to use one of the few options it would be wise to set the strategics for the few next minutes coming. But if the whistle was arranged by the opposite side? 2020 time…

Kaubanduskeskus testostud. Kuidas mõõta objektiivselt teenindust keskuses, kus võib olla 200 või rohkem erinevate katgooriate üürnike esindajad?

Mystery Shopping in Shopping Centres – why and how?

How to get objective understanding of the lessees sales and service skills if in the same Shopping Centre there are hundreds of stores and restaurants with very different service models? There will be a lot of disputes and arguing if the clothing stores and coffee shops are measured using the same scale. It would be…

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Want to become a MYSTERY SHOPPER?

To be a Mystery Shopper, would You like this job? We understand that good training and high motivation affects directly the quality of the final result.

We will open the door with this e-mail address: mystery.shopper@trendline.app for those who want to contact us to inform about their readiness in all Baltic countries and in Finland.

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Customer Feedback vs Mystery Shopping. What is what?

Mystery Shopping and customer’s feedback are both important but quite different things. Both are good tools but if You mix them together then You will get neither! How so? Personal opinion and well targeted measuring in service evaluation differ in the same way as professional doctor’s and neighbour’s diagnosis. What kind of Mystery Shopping is…