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Mystery Shopping Platform

In our Platform every customer can assigne what aspects to measure and what aspects of service and sales process to analyze.

External and internal audit on the same dashboard.

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Slide Yes and no! Without sacrificing functionality, we’re continuously developing new features for our platform based on the requests from our customers and our experience and background as a Mystery Shopping and customer service training company. We thoroughly analyzed the large number options for respective software platforms that are offered worldwide. We saw that the available options were too complex, unfocused, and visually and functionally difficult to use. We have created a new and interactive user interface for Mystery Shopping and internal auditing. Is the development of our platform finished? Why did we decide to buyild a brand new platform? TRENDLINE PLATFORM

Slide testostud testsotude kasutajaliides Headquarters can see the results of all regions (categories) and all departments.

Department managers can see only the results of the respective department and all its workers.

Slide Trendline Mystery Shopping Platform Software After logging in the results of last three months are automatically displayed.

Analyzable time period can be selected by choosing a previously set period or by manually choosing the desired months.

Slide You can choose all the topics to be tested based on Your service standards and Your expectations. SERVICE PROCESS tab has the same functionality for both internal and external audit values. By clicking on the VALUE POINT
a detailed analysis of the corresponding selection opens.

The dominant choices are either green (positive side) or
red (negative side).

The results also show the % of cases of the corresponding

HELP TEXTS are also displayed next to the questions to make it easier for managers to provide feedback.

We agree on the questions, help texts and values of the choices during the PREPARATION PERIOD.

When creating questionnaires, we'll happily consult, but You decide.
Your house - Your rules.
Mystery Shopping Software Platform Mystery Shopping Software Platform SERVICE PROCESS

Slide During the preparation period You can choose which detailed and comparable parameters will be added to the dashboard.

For example compare the results based on the language of the customer.

Or compare the results based on whether any additional sales were or were not made.

Or analyze, how ATTITUDE (smile) is related to the implementation.

Differentiate between experienced and new workers to evaluate the effectiveness of onboarding training.
Mystery Shopping Software Platform The same principle applies throughout the user interface: the first number indicates the result (in a 5-point system) and the second the number of tests of the corresponding selection. Sidebar can be found under the "Service process" tab. Mystery Shopping Software Platform It's possible to compare the results of different questionnaires.

For example in hotel reception department You can analyze the differences between check-in or check-out situations.

Because of the different nature of service communication we do use a diferent questionnaires and service templates to measure these situacions.
The amount of selections You can choose to compare is not limited.

For example, it is possible to compare the results of each individual department with the average result of the entire company.
On the sidebar, departments can be grouped into categories.

For example HOTEL category "Catering" can include departments like Restoran, Lobby Bar, Café, etc.

Categories can be used for regional separation by countries, counties, cities or other regions.


The amount and names of the categories are custom-made for each client.

That way You can compare individual departments with the average of their respective categories.

Slide kasutajaliides Internal audit results can be displayed alone or together with external audit results.

For example to see, how service standards are applied when nobody is watching (Mystery Shopping) compared to when an internal auditor or department manager is overseeing the employees.

Slide Mystery Shopping Software Platform Information section will display the general information questions of that topic.

Information questions like the length of the line, language, conversation topic (product), name tag, conversation time, etc. don't impact the result, but can help understand the context better.

General questions are chosen during the preparation period and are customizable for each client.

Slide Mystery Shopping Software Platform Categories and departments can be sorted by one or several chosen topics.

This enables for departments to focus their development efforts on topics where it's needed the most.
Mystery Shopping Software Platform Departments can be grouped by categories and sorted alphabetically or by the results or certain topics. Wider column displays the EXTERNAL AUDIT and the smaller column the INTERNAL AUDIT results.

Visual comparative using the same metrics.

Slide Employee page lets the managers enter internal audit reviews. Both internal and external audit test entries are archived in their complete form with their respective dates and any additional comments. Mystery Shopping Platform kasutajaliides ARCHIVED TEST FILES

testostud platvorm kasutajaliides mystery shopping platform

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Internal Audit Tool by Trendline

Our Software is a practical tool for midlevel managers, couches, trainers and etc.  to make shadow observations and to analyze the progress of employees.

User Interface will analyze and show exact weak spots by company, by department and by employee.


Multilingual Software

Trendline Platform “speaks” ENG, RUS, LAT, LIT, FIN, EST, ESP … and we like to learn new languages.

It is great solution for international corporations who are operating with same stadards in different Countries.

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Mystery Shopping full service

Trendline organizes Mystery Shopping waves in all Baltic countries. Feel free to ask about objective aproach.

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Linda Linda Kalniņa Spice & Spice Home, Head of Marketing "For Spice and Spice Home Shopping Centres is important priority to offer high level customer experience. We work together with our leasees to acomplish this. We are very satisfied with an important role of Trendline offring objective and service process based Mystery Shopping. We are pleased with our cooperation. We do reccomend the Trendline Mystery Shopping services especially for their interactive Platform and customer oriented service." mystery shopping slepena vertesena testostud Taivi Viru Center, Marketing and Communications Director 
(Nov 2008 - Jan 2020) Taivi Koitla "Trendline stands out from its competitors for its thoroughness and dedication, and its readiness to adapt existing solutions to customer needs. The will to improve the field in essence and the tireless work to do it may seem elemental, but when you work with Trendline you notice a big difference. I recommend working with Trendline and look forward to seeing the new heights they will reach under Eero Palm's leadership." testost testostud trendline referents Mystery Shopping Tiiu Shopping Center Põhjakeskus, Manager Tiiu Onga "The news of Trendline's service to measure the service level of Shopping Malls in a concept-based way came to us in the fall of 2019. The cooperation that has begun has been professional, and the process has been enjoyably fast and efficient. We value the partner who contributes to the common goal. We encourage you to try it out!" testost testostud trendline referents Mystery Shopping Nelli Sportland Estonia, CEO Nelli Nilson "We are very pleased with cooperation with Trendline. Trendline employees are innovative and thoughtful people whose passionate attitude towards their work is reflected in customer orientation and quality assurance. Sportland uses only the best, we recommend!" testimine testostud testkülastused Mystery Shopping koolitused Riina Riina Eisler Daily, General Manager "We were looking for a partner who could provide an innovative yet professional Mystery Shopping system. The user interface provided by Trendline is very good and comprehensive, yet simple and usable for all employees. We have gained a better overview of our level of service. I definitely recommend using it for other service companies as well." testimine testostud testkülastused Mystery Shopping Dimitri Dimitri Demjanov President of Bocuse d'Or Estonia "In my opinion, excellence in service starts with fixing the concept, and from there on, there is a constant commitment to put it in practice. Gloria still works with the service standards developed and implemented by Trendline. I strongly recommend!" testost testostud trendline referents Mystery Shopping standardid teenindus Illi Illi Ojavere Tallink Group, Hotel Manager "Mystery Shopping with Trendline began in our hotels in the spring of 2018, followed by highly professional and practical training. Trendline is a strong choice for reliably measured results. Tallink Hotels strongly recommends using Trendline's skills and knowledge to develop service quality!" testimine testostud testkülastused Mystery Shopping Jaan testostud testkülastused testimine Mystery Shopping "The cooperation with Trendline has been going on for many good years. Today, Trendline is one of the strongest and best ways in the market to monitor your customer service level. I recommend using the solutions offered by Trendline!" Jaan Ratnik Tervis Spa Group, General Manager Helena "Postimees Group used Trendline in a large-scale training project, which included practical trainings for the entire sales team. The trainings gave to the participants confidence, professional skills and motivation. We recommend Trendline with calm heart because we know that their solutions will help you achieve results." Helena Laus Postimees Group, Training Mangager testimine testostud testkülastused Mystery Shopping koolitused Sve-Erik "We have worked with Trendline quite a few times. In particular, I would highlight their ability to provide trainings that closely matches the specifics of a particular house. They can train both fresh starters and experienced sales people. And besides all this professionalism, a pleasant and friendly attitude. I strongly recommend!" Sven-Erik Volberg Villa Ammende, Hotel Manager teenindusstandardid testkülastused Mystery Shopping

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We have more than 19 years of experience. Lot of experience in making trainings, producing service standards and organizing Service Evaluation.

Satisfied with our work: Viru Center, Bauhof, Sportland, Swedbank, Expert, BENU, Hawaii Express, Apotheka, Luminor, Europcar, Daily, R-Kiosk, Prisma, and others.


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