Mystery Shopping Platform and Internal Audit Software by Trendline

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Mystery Shopping Platform

In our Platform every customer can assigne what aspects to measure and what aspects of service and sales process to analyze.

External and internal audit on the same dashboard.

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Discover our Software

Discover how our service can simplify Your workflow and improve Your company’s service.

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Following video (2:03) will give You a short overview of the features that our Platform can offer Your company.

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Multilingual Software

Trendline Platform “speaks” ENG, RUS, LAT, LIT, FIN, EST or ESP … and we like to add new languages.

It is great solution for international corporations who are operating with same stadards in different Countries. It means You can analize for example the results what are inserted in Latvia (and in Latvian language) in the language You prefer (for example in English or Finnish). It helps different area manager to see what actions are effective in other countries of their group and to learn and benefit from the experience of the parts of the same international business group.

Our solution includes also translating text comments!

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Securetly protected information

We create for our customers passwords to all agreed user levels. To protect Your data our platform enables to permit access only from Your agreed IP addresses. Important option for internation companyes who have high security access expetations.

Login is also availeable through Azure AD or for Office 365 users. This adds security and will simplify entering to the platform.

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Exporting all data to Excel

In addition to analise Mystery Shopping results in graphic way there is also possible to work with results in a spreadshead view. You can add columns as You need to digg deeper. For example You can add the column “scenarios” and to see with what scenarios the tasks where done. Or to find out with few clicks the employees, by name, or departments who do not attempt to do additional sales. Or even go deeper and to find out all these employees who have done additional sales but have not argumented it! Etc, etc. It gives the useful information to collect group for certain trainings or meetings or feedback sessions.

If You so desire, You can add ALL questions from the questionnaires and export all data to Excel for further analise or for adding this data as a part for complex solution making.

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Mystery Shopping full service

Trendline organizes Mystery Shopping waves in all Baltic countries. We use native speaking Mystery Shoppers in all areas we work. Feel free to ask about objective aproach.

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Internal Audit Tool by Trendline

Our Software is (in addition to Mystery Shopping analyze) also practical tool for midlevel managers, couches, trainers and etc.  to make shadow observations and to analyze the progress of employees.

User Interface will analyze and show exact weak spots by company, by department and by employee.

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We can!

We have more than 20 years of experience. Lot of experience in making trainings, producing service standards and organizing Service Evaluation.

Satisfied with our work: Circle K, Ramirent, Rimi, Baltika Group, Tele2, Viru Center, Bauhof, Sportland, Swedbank, Expert, BENU, Hawaii Express, Apotheka, Luminor, Europcar, Daily, R-Kiosk, Prisma, and others.


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