Customer and employee satisfaction surveys and feedback gathering

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Satisfaction surveys – who are they for?

Our surveys are useful for retail and catering chains, hotels, gas stations, shopping centers, banks and so on.

This service is directed at gathering and mapping the satisfaction of both, B2C and B2B customers, as well as the satisfaction companies’ employees.

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Customer feedback surveys

With customer feedback surveys we help you understand the attitudes and emotions of Your customers towards the products and services of Your company.

Since mystery shopping and customer feedback gathering serve different purposes, we gather both data as separate (but comparable) analyses.

We collect and analyse feedback from those customers that You’d like, without waiting for the clients’ initiative.

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Employee satisfaction surveys

Using anonymous surveys, we map the employees’ attitudes and suggestions towards the company. Feedback is gathered according to departments based on the parameters You can choose during the preparation period.

Regular mapping of employees’ feelings and attitudes gives the company a clear overview of the internal climate and environment and enables the management to react to negative trends in a timely manner.

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Satisfaction surveying methods

Using phone calls our interviewers question and map Your customers’ attitudes, wishes and suggestions.


We question Your customers’ and/or employees’ emotions, expectations, wishes, etc. In a short period of time we collect a large amount of feedback and source data that You can analyse in depth using our in-house platform.

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Recommendation index gathering

We gather the recommendation index (NPS – Net Promoter Score) results. In addition to the overall score, using the Trendline platform’s interactive features You can analyse the score using various metrics, such as: different age groups, regions, customer gender and so on. 

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360° feedback

Trendline services enable You to have a 360° overview of Your company and its employees. On the same platform and dashboard You can compare and interactively analyse the results of feedback given by CUSTOMERS, COLLEAGUES, MANAGEMENT, INTERNAL AUDITORS and MYSTERY SHOPPERS.

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Trendline specialty:

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Trendline surveys are objective and realistic thanks to 18 years of trainings and consulting experience.

During the preparation period we make the Questionaires which are in harmony with Your Service Standards and expectations.

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For the customer and employee satisfaction and feedback surveys we use well-trained interviewers who are kind, friendly and good communicators.



Developed by Trendline, our platform displays the results of surveys in a simple and easy to understand way, while also offering the necessary tools for a more in depth analysis.

Our platform is being constantly developed according to the wishes of our customers.

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