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What are the benefits of Mystery Shopping and Service Evaluation?

Our Mystery Shopping and Service Evaluation surveys quickly and simply display the weak points in Your customer service and sales process and show You the points that need some work.

We give objective tools to department managers that can be used to further develop their employees. Test results offer an opportunity to reward the best employees based on their efforts.

With our service we measure Your staff’s customer service and sales skills. You will see in a specific way what the employees are implementing of Your Company’s expectations.

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Mystery Shopping full service in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We offer our Mystery Shopping full service and External Audit services in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland and Internal Audit and Customers feedback collecting Platform all over the World. We use local native speaking Mystery Shoppers in all these regions.

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Multilingual Mystery Shopping Service

Trendline User Interface “speaks” ENG, RUS, LAT, LIT, FIN, EST, ESP …
We like to learn new languages.

Great solution for international corporations who are operating in different Countries.

multilingual platform multikeelne testostud üle Baltikumi Mystery Shopping

You can analyse Service Audit results of Estonia (entered in Estonian) in Latvian or Lithuanian languages and vice versa.

multilingual platform multikeelne testostud üle Baltikumi Mystery Shopping

User can change the language of the test results and analyze the results of all Baltics in the choosen language.

multilingual platform multikeelne testostud üle Baltikumi Mystery Shopping

It is possible to learn from units of the same Group. You can see which activities are efective and which are not.

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Preparation work

Before starting with Customer Service Evaluation, we make sure of Your expectations from Your departments and workers – Your house, Your rules.

During the preparation period we produce objective questionnaires to measure Your companys different departments according to the actual customer servce template.

What makes our Services Unique?

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Thanks to 20 years of consulting and training experience our Customer Service Evaluation visits are objective and realistic.

As part of the preparation work, we create custom questionnaires based on the service- and sales process of Your company.

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Only well trained shoppers
are used to complete our tasks.

All of our new Mystery Shoppers will be trained during webseminar to help them to understand the goal of the service and service process. Our Mystery Shoppers provide their service exclusevely for Trendline Analytics. In all Baltic countries we use local native speaking Mystery Shoppers.

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We have and will continue
to develop our proprietary
Trendline platform
according to the needs of
our customers.

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Mystery Shopping for SHOPPING CENTRES and RETAIL:

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Mystery Shopping – how and what?

Our interactive platform helps You to analyse the results by entire company, by areas and by departments.

Mystery Shopping service for Shopping Centres enables to separate the collected data also according to the Categories.

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Targeted Service Audit

In case of name-targeting we test all or chosen employees by name.

Objective and clear results. Employees see their own personal results and can learn from it. Personal feedback.

Perfect to monitor the new employees while they are in a test period.

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With purchase or without?

According to the goal with real purchase and payment or if this is not important without it.

It is possible to divide all service cases which leads to the purchase and these which remains without closing. You can find out the reasons.

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Multiple locations in the same centre?

If one lessee in the same Shopping Centre has several service locations or stores, You can see, compare and analyse their data on the same dashboard with a single login account.

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We can!

Trendline has more than 20 years of experience. We have lot of experience in making trainings, producing service standards and organizing Customer Service monitoring waves.

Some of the customers satisfied with our services:
Circle K, Ramirent, Rimi, Ivo Nikkolo, Citycon Kristiine, Citycon Rocca al Mare, Viru Centre, Spice and Spice Home, Tele2, Sportland, Swedbank, Südameapteek, Hawaii Express, Luminor, Europcar, Daily, and others.

Service Evaluation for HOTELS and SPAS.

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Hotel Service Evaluation – what do we do?

With our Service Evaluation visits we map the level of Your entire service process from the first phone call inquiry to checking out from the hotel.

Our mystery shoppers are experienced and well-trained native speakers in different countries.

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Department based Service Evaluation

We evaluate the service based on the departments and service situations that You have chosen, for example:


sales call
booking email




lobby bar
pool bar
room service


pool reception


room service

Trendline Analytics 20 aastat kogemust - koolitused, testostud, teenindusstandardid, küsitlused


We have trained, surveyed and consulted with a number of hotels.

Some of the customers satisfied with our services:
Hedon Spaa, Tervis Spaa Grupp, Tallink Hotels Grupp, WASA Resort, AQVA Spaa, GO Spaa, Radisson BLU, Swissôtel Tallinn, Palace Hotel, Savoy Boutique Hotel, Ammende Villa jt.

testostud FAQ

We are based on Your expectations to Your employees. During the preparation work, we prepare questionnaires based on Your service standard, on the basis of which we perform Mystery Shopping.

For example, in Estonia we use Mystery Shoppers who speak Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish. Using Mystery Shopping ​​in different languages ​​will help You to understand how You are serving the respective target groups. In each country, we use test clients that speak the language of the country.

Yes of course! We want to offer a service based on your current needs at any time. When changing the questionnaires, all the comparative information collected on the basis of the previous questionnaires will remain.

No! We use as many different questionnaires as needed during the same test wave, depending on which service situations You want to measure. And even when testing the same department, service situations are different, such as check-in and check-out situations or the showroom and checkout.

In this case, there are 2 options. 1. whether the scale is subjective, ie the personal opinion of the test clients is asked (and they are different for each person). Or 2. if the questionnaires are of high quality and objective, the level of service is unstable and uneven. In this case, regular customers also receive different level service.

An internal audit is for “shadow observations” performed by Your company’s head of department, internal trainer, shift overseer, or someone else and enters the result into the Trendline platform. The results of Mystery Shopping (external audit) and internal audit can be compared on the same desktop.

During the preparatory work, we will discuss with you and help you fix service templates. These are the basis for test visits. We create service templates for Your different departments based on the respective service communication. We fix the so-called red and green patterns of behavior. We will start to measure their implementation objectively. Based on them, you can create measurable and realistic service standards if you wish.

Not in Trendline’s case. This is very possible if the questionnaires are constructed subjectively. In other words, if the questionnaires ask for the personal opinion of this particular person (Mystery Shopper), then it is subjective and does not provide special input for development activities. Trendline approach is different. Rather, we objectively measure the extent to which the customer communication of Your employees meets the specific expectations set by the Company. All Trendline Mystery Shoppers follow the principles of the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) Code of Ethics for Mystery Shoppers.

For each job, we use so many unique Shoppers that the same service provider or spot will not be tested by the same test client during the same test wave.

Since we give Mystery Shoppers good training, we want to give them as much work as possible instead of each of them is  doing 1-2 jobs in a year and the tests being brittle. Experiences comes from experiencing. Mystery Shoppers experience and skills in naturally monitoring scenarios grow as they work. Our interface helps them to avoid employees who have already been tested (and especially by them).

You can compare both by test waves as a whole and also by one specific measure (question). You can also compare the results of, for example, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania if you are a company in several countries. In our Platform, You can also compare in detail, for example, the average result of the whole Country (or the whole company) with the result of one department. You can compare all employees by name and see who would need development on which topics, etc.

We have also started large-scale nationwide test waves with only one week’s notice. The speed of getting started depends on how many different service situations you want to measure (ie the time it takes to create and coordinate different questionnaires). Preparation work involves creating questionnaires based on Your service standards and then validating it.

Measuring service does not in itself improve service, but development activities planned on the basis of measurement results. Mystery Shopping should be followed by development activities, either for the department or for the company as a whole.

If the aim is to include the results of Mystery Shopping as a single measure in the employee bonus system, it would be sensible for each employee to be subjected to several tests nominally during the year to measure his or her level. If the goal is to measure the average level of departments on a random basis, then depending on the number of employees, budget opportunities and the impact of departments on business results, a service audit is useful either monthly or quarterly. Certain departments are certainly more critical than others. In our practice, there are partners with monthly Mystery Shopping cooperation, as well as those who do, for example, 2 large-scale test waves in a year.

testostud testost Mystery Shopping platform Service Evaluation

Trendline platform

In the Trendline’i interactive platform every customer can assigne what aspects to measure and what aspects of service and sales process to analyze.

User can compare the External and internal audit on the same dashboard.

About our software ›

Mystery Shopping internal audit service evaluation

Internal Audit Tool

Our User Interface is a practical tool for mid-level managers, couches and trainers. You can use it to have internal observations and to analyse the progress of Your employees.

Platform will analyse automatically and show exact weak spots of Your Company. Analyse is possible by departments and by employees.


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You can also request an introductory demo presentation after your first test period for all Your
department managers.


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