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Providing feedback based on Mystery Shopping. How to improve it?

Feedback based on Mystery Shopping can either lift an employee up or bring them down. Imagine if a family doctor gave a patient their blood test results and said, “Well, you know, it’s just a meaningless obligation that you need to fulfill … check your iron levels.” And that’s it! Without explaining which indicators, how, why, what’s the expected level of iron, and what’s considered too low? Or, if the doctor took a blood sample, held it up to the light, and subjectively said, “What a wonderful color!” It wouldn’t be very trustworthy, would it?

Trendline Analytics Müügisuhtluse Efektiivsuse Indeks näidis Sales Effectiveness Index

Sales Effectiveness Index – a number that helps to draw the right conclusions!

A 4-component index that shows the effectiveness of a company’s sales communication. The Sales Effectiveness Index (SEI) visually demonstrates how efficiently a company’s customer base is utilized. SEI shows the combined impact of 4 important factors on the final result. It can also be said that the final result indicates how efective the employees are if they are expected to do sales work in retail.